Butterfly -Vinyl Stencil -101

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Butterfly -Vinyl Stencil -101

Our vinyl stencil has 3 parts, white backing paper, vinyl, and clear plastic transfer. There are so many different applications for vinyl stencils. Vinyl and plastic transfer are low tack, and it is safe to use them on skin for glitter tattoos and air brush tattoos. The small and medium size are also popular for art and craft DIY projects on glass, ceramic, canvas, fabric etc. The large sizes are perfect for wood sign, and wall decor. Our Adhesive Vinyl Stencils are intended for a single-use project. Works great on both flat and curved surfaces. Not recommend for use on paper projects.

How to Use:

Make sure your project surface is clean and dry. First start at one corner and slowly peel off the white backing paper leaving vinyl attached to transfer clear plastic. Make sure as you peel back, the vinyl pieces are stuck to the clear transfer tape especially the parts which are loose (eye and mouth area). Then apply vinyl stencils along with the transfer plastic on top of the surface where you would like to transfer your design. Slowly peel off the transfer tape at a 45-degree angle. If any part of the vinyl starts to come up off the surface with the transfer tape, firmly run over that part of the vinyl with a squeegee and peel back the transfer tape again. Apply the media, wait when its dry and then carefully remove the stencil. Do not forget to peel out all the pieces.

Tips and Tricks:

  • When using stencils for glitter tattoos. Apply stencil on a clean skin. We recommend to clean skin with rubbing alcohol to remove extra skin oil. Peel white backing, stick the stencil to the skin and remove transfer plastic, put a thin layer of cosmetic glue, wait until it dries clear and than apply cosmetic grade glitter. Peel the stencil from body.
  • When using spray paint, you might want to add extra transfer tape at the edge of stencil to avoid over spray. Do not spray to closely, as the paint might leak underneath the stencil. Hold the can 6”-8” from the surface and sweep back and forth. Wait when paint will dry to touch and then carefully remove the stencil. Apply extra paint coat if needed. Do not forget to peel out all the pieces.
  • If using paint to stencil your design be sure that its' not wet. Aim for a creamy consistency, leaning on the side of dry. If the paint is wet, it can leak underneath the stencil. Apply paint in circular motions or stippling/daubing motions with sponge, roller, or brush. Use little paint on a stencil brush and dab off any excess paint onto a paper plate or paper towel. Wait when paint will dry and then carefully remove the stencil.


Made in Canada

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